# Welcome

Learn how to use Authing for development and understand the expertise of identity authentication.

# Authing —— Authing is the Identity Cloud

Authing is a leading cloud-based identity infrastructure in China, providing enterprises and developers with fast and secure authentication and access management solution: https://authing.cn (opens new window)

Welcome to Authing, this document will take you through how to use Authing for application development, including:

  • What does Authing do?
  • What can we help you with?
  • The terms we use
  • Authing current development progress
  • Authing developer ecology
  • Authing development resources
  • ...

Before using Authing to develop applications, please understand what Authing is and what scenarios you can apply Authing to:

Overview of Authing

After that, let's implement the first application using Authing:

First application

Next, learn the basics of Authing and the professional terms we will use:

Basic Concepts

You also need to understand the console. The console is where you manage all Authing resources. Please check the following documents to understand the contents of the modules of the Authing console and the things you can do in the console:

Overview of Console

Finally, if you are investigating related solutions, please understand the various deployment models provided by Authing to help you choose how to deploy Authing:

Privatization Deployment and Pricing