# Common Problem

# Does the Pipeline function support async await syntax?

stand by.

# Can the Authing SDK be used in Pipeline functions?

Yes, without import and initialization. See Available Node Modules for details.

# Can I write Pipeline functions in other languages?

Not temporarily, currently only supports the Node language.

# What are the precautions for writing Pipeline functions?

  • Please do not rename the pipe function.
  • It is recommended not to hard code, use [environment variable] (env.md) to store constant values.

# How does refreshing the user pool secret affect the Pipeline function?

Since the Authing Pipeline function runs completely in the cloud, refreshing the user pool secret will also update all the Pipeline functions in the user pool. This means that authing-js-sdk will not be able to be used normally in the Pipeline function within a short period of time.

# What are the performance optimization methods?

  • If it is a function not directly related to the pipeline process, such as new user registration notification, etc., you can set to asynchronous execution.