# Social login access guide


Authing currently supports more than 20 social logins at home and abroad, such as WeChat, GitHub, Sign in with Apple, Alipay, etc. You can view the full list here: [Supported social login list](./provider-list .md).

Authing has a complete set of solutions for the WeChat ecosystem. You can view Product Introduction (opens new window) and read Opening WeChat Account System Guidelines.

Authing social login supports four access methods: using JavaScrit SDK, using Guard for Web login form component, using Authing online login page and *manually calling the social login interface *, the following is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various methods:

Access method Advantages Disadvantages Recommend or not
Use JavaScrit SDK
  • The access is simple, only a few lines of code are required.
  • The highest degree of customization is possible.
Recommended use
Use Guard for Web login component
  • The access is simple, only a few lines of code are required.
  • You can integrate this component into your application.
  • The degree of customization is relatively high
Use Authing online login page
  • Operation and maintenance are simple, and Authing is responsible for operation and maintenance.
  • Each application has an independent second-level domain name.
  • Cannot be embedded in your application
Manually call the social login interface
  • You need to manually parse the user information from the URL.
  • Access is relatively complicated and troublesome.
Not recommended

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