# Privatization Deployment and Pricing

With Authing Identity Cloud, you only pay for what you use. There are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments. Authing Identity Cloud only charges fees for identity management and data synchronization. The pricing for these features is shown below.

Authing provides two deployment methods:

Deployment Method Description
Public Cloud Running in the multi-tenant Authing Cloud
Private cloud Run in the customer's own infrastructure or other cloud environments

If you have private deployment requirements, please contact 15559944612 or sales@authing.cn.

# Public cloud price description

Use the Authing identity cloud to create a user pool, after experiencing 3000 authentication times. Price reference official website price page (opens new window). For corporate customization requirements, please contact 15559944612 or sales@authing.cn.

# Next you may also need

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# Customer Service Contact

Email: sales@authing.cn Phone: +86 15559944612