# Error Codes

The error code message format is as follows:

        message:'The system is busy, please try again later',
        code: 1000,
        data: null
Code Description
1000 The system is busy, please try again later
1001 No permission to perform this operation
2000 Account is abnormal, need to enter verification code
2001 Verification code verification failed(Verification code error)
2002 Monthly login quota has been used up
2003 Incorrect email format when registering or logging in
2004 User does not exist
2005 User has been locked
2006 Incorrect password
2007 Illegal application name
2008 Has the same name application
2009 Illegal application types
2010 The ID of the application that needs to provide the operation
2011 Application does not exist
2012 Missing default user group
2013 Illegal application description
2014 Wrong input format when searching for users
2015 Illegal search type when searching for users
2016 Error decrypting client password
2017 Meta_data(macro) command error in parsing email template
2018 The user does not have permission to modify this content
2019 Verification is required when changing the password
2020 Not logged in yet, no permission to access this request
2021 Failed to send mail, reason: unable to get mail template
2022 User mailbox verification failed, reason: unable to obtain email template
2023 User mailbox verification failed. Reason: verification link has expired and needs to be resent
2024 Project description cannot exceed 140 words
2025 Error using default mail service provider
2026 The user already exists, please do not register again
2027 OAuth registration, but try to log in with a password, because the password is not set, the authentication cannot be done, please log in via OAuth
2028 Please provide the correct phone number or email address
2029 Password length cannot be less than 6 digits
2030 One-time query users cannot exceed 80 people
2031 Application has banned registered users
2032 Password required for registration
2034 Username already exists
2035 Mobile phone number has been bound
2036 User does not belong to this user pool
2037 The filled old mailbox does not match the actual mailbox
2038 The filled-in old phone does not match the actual phone
2039 The domain name has been taken
2040 Headcount limit is full
2100 Registration is too frequent, please try again later
2101 Please provide application ID
2200 The mailbox already exists, please change one
2201 Please enter the original password
2202 The modified information does not belong to the current user
2203 Original password error
2204 Incorrect email format
2205 Missing parameter: registerInClient
2206 Login information has expired, need to log in again
2207 The login information is incorrect, please log in again
2208 Please change to a different mailbox from the existing one
2209 No permission to delete this user
2210 A wrong delete operation was performed, which may be due to the intention to delete a non-existent user, or other errors occurred during the deletion process
2211 Missing parameter: username (user username)
2212 Cannot delete root user
2213 When trying to bind a third-party OAuth login method, it is found that this method has already been bound
2214 Failed to read the bound OAuth login method
2215 When trying to bind a third-party OAuth login method, the account to be bound has already been bound
2216 When trying to unbind the third-party OAuth login method, no such OAuth login has been bound
2217 When trying to unbind the third-party OAuth login method or mailbox, there is only one login method, so it cannot be unbind
2218 When trying to modify the password, the mailbox is not bound, and modification is not allowed
2219 When trying to unbind the mailbox, the user did not bind the mailbox
2220 When trying to create or update an OAuth application, this application name already exists
2221 When trying to update the OAuth application, the application does not exist
2222 When trying to create or update OAuth application information, a reserved domain name was used
2223 When trying to create OAuth application information, a domain name that has already been used was used
2224 User pool does not exist
2225 The updateUser interface cannot directly modify the mailbox, please use the updateEmail interface
2226 The updateUser interface cannot directly modify the phone number, please use the updatePhone interface
2227 Modify the mailbox must verify the original mailbox
2228 Modify the mailbox must verify the original mailbox
2229 The new mailbox is the same as the old mailbox
2230 The new phone number is the same as the old phone number
2231 Incomplete request parameters!
2300 Verification code expired
2401 Mobile application sso session does not exist
3012 Macro command execution error
3013 Sending mail error, unknown error
3014 Failed to send mail, reason: unable to obtain transporter
3617 No permission to add collaborators
3618 No permission to add permission items
3619 No permission to view the user pool information for this user to participate in collaboration
3620 Collaborator already exists
3621 No right to delete collaboration relationship
3622 No access to view list of collaborators
3623 Collaboration does not exist
3624 No right to modify collaborators
3829 This second-level domain name is already occupied
4212 OIDC application does not exist
5000 Failed to obtain the corresponding application of the order
5001 Order does not exist
5022 Failed to create order
5023 Failed to create Alipay order
5024 Failed to create order, unknown error
5025 Failed to create order: the price is illegal
7348 SAML SP application does not exist
8128 An error occurred when returning to saml assertion