# Mobile Application SSO

Mobile application SSO (Single Sign On, single sign-on) is similar to traditional Web-side SSO, which refers to multiple application systems, Users only need to log in once to access all mutually trusted application systems.

Authing currently supports two forms of mobile SSO:

  1. Automatically detect the login status of associated apps on the same device
  2. Call up associated apps to exchange user information

# Automatic detection method

The automatic detection method is similar to the Meituan App. As long as one of the mutual trust systems on the same device is in the login state, it can detect the relevant user and prompt the user whether to log in with this account, thereby achieving single sign-on.

As shown below:

You can also view the demo of this video:

https://cdn.authing.cn/videos/Authing%20App%20SSO%20Demo.mp4 (opens new window)

For specific access methods, please see:

Automatically detect login

# Arouse App Mode

The method of awakening the App refers to awakening the application B in the application A, the user agrees to log in in the application B, and then jumps to the application A, and the application A obtains user information in some way. This method cannot automatically detect the login status of other apps. It is recommended to use the automatic detection method.

For specific access methods, please see:

Arouse App Login