# Import From WechatWork

Authing supports importing organizations and users from the corporate WeChat address book, and synchronizing changes in the corporate WeChat organization to the Authing organization.

You need to prepare the following in total:

  1. Create an Authing Account
  2. Open Enterprise WeChat (opens new window)
  3. Obtain the relevant development information of enterprise WeChat and fill in Authing
  4. Configure the address book event callback in the enterprise WeChat enterprise management background

# Get enterprise WeChat development configuration

  1. Obtain the corporate ID (CorpId)

Click the first level menu of My Company, and you can find the company ID (CorpId) at the bottom of the Company Information page:

  1. Open "Address Book Synchronization" API interface synchronization

Click the first level menu of Administrative Tools and select Address Book Synchronization:

Click "Open API interface synchronization"

  1. Get the "Address Book Synchronization" Development Secret

  1. Set up receiving event server

Click Random Obtain to randomly generate Token and EncodingAESKey (you can also choose to generate it yourself).

The URL needs to be filled with a link that meets the following format:


Replace YOUR_USERPOOL_ID with the user pool ID, and YOUR_WECHATWORK_CORPID with the corporate WeChat corporate ID (CorpId), for example:


At this time, click save and an error message of "openapi callback address request failed" appears:

This is a normal situation, because we have not yet filled the enterprise WeChat development configuration into Authing. See below for details.

# Configure corporate WeChat address book

Fill in the form with the following information:

  1. Corporate ID (CorpId)
  2. Corporate Address Book Secret
  3. Token for address book event synchronization
  4. Address book event synchronization EncodingAESKey

# First sync

Click Import from Enterprise WeChat in the upper right corner.

# Incremental synchronization

Turn on the address book API event synchronization, so that any changes you make in the enterprise WeChat (including employee additions, deletions, changes, department additions, deletions, and changes, and mobile member departments, etc.) are synchronized to the Authing organization.

If you don't need this function, you can skip this step.

Go back to the page of setting the receiving event server and click Save. At this time, you should be able to see the success prompt.

Then the operations you do on the enterprise WeChat will be synchronized to Authing!