# Supported social login list

Authing currently supports nearly 20 social logins at home and abroad. The following is a complete list:

Social login method Identifier Configuration document
WeChat PC Scan Code (opens new window) wechat:pc [Document](../web/ wechat-pc.md)
WeChat mobile terminal (opens new window) wechat:mobile Document
WeChat Web Page Authorization (opens new window) wechat:webpage-authorization [Document](../web/wechat-mp .md)
WeChat Mini Program (opens new window) wechat:miniprogram:default [Document](../miniprogram /miniprogram/README.md)
Wechat Mini Program Scan Code Login (opens new window) wechat:miniprogram:qrconnect Document
App Launch Mini Program Login (opens new window) wechat:miniprogram:app-launch Document
Enterprise WeChat internal application scan code login (opens new window) wechatwork:corp:qrconnect [Document](../web /wechatwork-corp-qrconnect.md)
Enterprise WeChat third-party application scan code login (opens new window) wechatwork:service-provider:qrconnect [Document](. ./web/wechatwork-qrconnect.md)
GitHub (opens new window) github Document
Dingtalk (opens new window) dingtalk Document
Sina Weibo (opens new window) weibo Document
QQ (opens new window) qq Document
Google (opens new window) google Document
Alipay (opens new window) Web version alipay Document
Alipay (opens new window) mobile terminal alipay document
Sign in with Apple (opens new window) Web version apple:web Document
Sign in with Apple (opens new window) Mobile terminal apple Document

Authing has a complete set of solutions for the WeChat ecosystem. You can view Product Introduction (opens new window) and read Opening WeChat Account System Guidelines.