# Deploy a transit proxy server

# HTTP proxy

The following uses goproxy (opens new window) as an example to briefly introduce the deployment process of https proxy. For detailed official documents, please see: https:// github.com/snail007/goproxy/blob/master/README_ZH.md (opens new window).

Run as root user:

curl -L https://mirrors.host900.com/snail007/goproxy/install_auto.sh | bash

Wait for its running to complete, when the following prompt is output, it means the installation is successful:

>>> installing ...
>>> install done, thanks for using snail007/goproxy free_10.0
>>> install path /usr/bin/proxy
>>> configuration path /etc/proxy
>>> uninstall just exec: rm /usr/bin/proxy && rm -rf /etc/proxy
>>> How to using? Please visit: https://snail007.github.io/goproxy/manual/zh/

Run (replace $PORT with the port you want to use):

proxy http -t tcp -p "$PORT"

When the following prompt appears, the operation is successful:

2020/09/23 19:25:34 tcp http(s) proxy on [::]:xxxxxx

Please make sure that the firewall rules of the server allow Authing server access. The external IP of the Authing server is: